The Explorer Book Bundle

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Perfect for any nature-loving, outdoor-wondering adventurer in your life. 

To The Greatest Heights by Vanessa O'Brien (paperback) 

From laid-off Finance Director to record-breaking mountain climber, one woman's extraordinary journey up the world's most challenging and dangerous mountains.

Step by Step by Simon Reeve (paperback) 

The inspiring memoir from TV traveller Simon Reeve's life of amazing adventures in over 120 countries and the most remote and extreme corners of the planet.

 Beyond Possible by Nimsdai Purja (hardback)

‘If you’re going to get one book this year get Beyond Possible.’ – Ant Middleton

‘Not only does Nims have exceptional physical stamina, he’s also a leader with great skills in financial management and logistics.’ – Reinhold Messner, the first person to climb all fourteen highest mountains in the world